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City Car Driving: How to Enjoy a Realistic and Challenging Driving Game

  • City Car Driver is an open-world driving simulation game that consists of police chasings and challenging traffic in a big city with some simple driver missions.Are you ready to prove your driving skills, driver? Then, you know what to do! Customize your car as you like, and enjoy 5 different modes. Rule the city, be the most skilled driver!Modes Free roam on city

  • Trailblazer

  • Pursuit (be the police driver)

  • Getaway

  • Survival

  • Features Simple and intuitive controls

  • Realistic graphics

  • Realistic physics

  • Cool cars

  • Traffic cars

  • Chasing police cars

  • Open world city

  • Customization (modification) and settings

  • Individual camera angles

  • Easy to play

  • Release DateMarch 2021DeveloperBoneCracker Games made this game.PlatformWeb browserControls WASD or arrow keys : main controls

  • F: boost/NOS

  • Q/E/Z : indicators

  • I : engine start/stop

  • K/L: headlights

  • C: camera change

  • Spacebar: handbrake

  • B: back view


Our company designs software and hardware products for car driving education and entertainment: smart AI systems, virtual models of cities, car simulators, special vehicle simulators, industrial car driving simulators etc. We also design car driving computer games, on the basis of our own technologies and experience.

city car driving

The car driving game named "City Car Driving" is a new car simulator, designed to help users experience car driving in а big city, the countryside and in different conditions or go just for a joy ride. Special stress in the "City Car Driving" simulator has been laid on a variety of different road situations and realistic car driving.

This game is a fully functional 3D game, where you can freely drive a car of your choosing through city streets at night. Your car will show damage if you hit light poles, cars, walls or any other objects for that matter.

There are points for finishing various exercises and with enough points you can unlock special vehicles. Not really interesting to me. Speaking of self-driving Tesla fun, I wonder at what point you can sit in a passenger seat and watch as your Tesla navigates a racetrack, perform donuts, or drifts. The Stanford car already does this. With all the nannies in cars these days, are people even driving anymore?

Albina OP says : 3 months ago 3/16/2023 8:44 AM The article provides a comprehensive list of shortcuts for City Car Driving game. However, if you really want to experience the thrill of driving in real life, you should try renting a luxury car from Luxespeed. With a wide range of high-end vehicles to choose from, Luxespeed offers an unparalleled driving experience. From exotic sports cars to luxury sedans, their fleet is sure to satisfy any driving enthusiast. So why settle for virtual driving when you can hit the road in style with Luxespeed?

I config True Drive 900 and bumpstop.I config City Car Driving to use the Simucube 2 wheel as driving axis and it is recognized, but when I load/start a driving session and the force feedback starts, the wheel turns uncontrollably to left of right.

Well, there are not too many driving simulators out there. I run all of the obvious ones (iRacing, rFactor, Race Room, AC, ACC, PCars), I just recently I tried F1 2019 but this is a no go for me as it does not support keyboard or mouse!

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Get ready to test your driving skills! Take your ride, reach high speeds and drive through traffic, lose the cops! What can you expect? Certainly a lot! Roam around the big city in the night and watch out for police patrols. These guys probably missed their dinner pause, because they are extremely petulant. One little driving mistake and they are in your rearview mirror. Lose them and head to a steak house for a little break from this adrenaline ride. Then back to your car so you can get ready for more intense driving action in amazing 3D environment, yet with simple and intuitive controls. Customize your car to the last detail and show it off on the roads of the city! Have fun.

It's.... driving. Just driving. Like a racing game where you're always driving the speed limit and you have no objective or finish line. It'sIt's.... driving. Just driving. Like a racing game where you're always driving the speed limit and you have no objective or finish line. It's not a game. It's more like a place to practice driving. It runs amazingly, it looks great, but I can get the same feeling going outside and driving my car in real life.

City Car Driving Steam version. The pinnacle of "civilian" car driving simulation for your home PC in 2017. Many developers have tried, youCity Car Driving Steam version. The pinnacle of "civilian" car driving simulation for your home PC in 2017. Many developers have tried, you can find them in Steam also, but please, don't get fooled. City Car Driving is in class of it's own, a light year ahead of it's rivals. It's a learning tool for car driving and traffic with no game in it. Good looking... yes, nowadays, but it's still not a game. You can have much fun with it, if you like car driving like it is IRL on the streets. Which is fun of course :) When driving this simulator, I like GPS assisted free mode the best. Adjust the parameters of how long routes you want and how often, and the sim calculates random routes for you, and you still get completely free driving periods too.The career mode is like you're in driving school. It can be fun and useful for those who prepare for driving school IRL. But for old hands like me, it's also fun to test yourself against the game. Yes I can drive very well in reality, but can I beat this PC little program...Usually this kind of home simulator's advertising is completely faulty. Not this time. This is a real car driving simulation with real traffic rules and working AI. Car handling is true enough, if you drive normally like you should as a part of normal traffic. AI traffic is 100x times better than in rival games. Graphics are of course important in creating a pleasant experience. Luckily City Car Driving has whoppingly evolved, and again beats the rivals 6 - 0.Yes I recommend City Car Driving, if you like real car driving. And I recommend using Steam Workshop too, you get some unbelievably good car models to drive there.

Kansas City traffic accidents have soared considerably over the last decade. The analysts attribute it to the increase in the number of vehicles in the city. According to the U.S Census Bureau report, there are 2.6 million cars in Kansas City. The city is considered the third-best city for drivers in the U.S because of its excellent infrastructure and good roads. That said, some of the most common causes of Kansas City car accidents are given below;

Rash driving is the most common culprit of fatal car accidents in Kansas City today. Teens, inexperienced new drivers, or reckless drivers are a liability for everyone on the road, including themselves.

In a nutshell, the increase in vehicles has made Kansas City highways accident-prone. Rash driving, tailgating, bad weather, heavy vehicles, drunk driving, low visibility at intersections, etc., contribute to such car accidents. Of course, car accidents cause mental, physical, and financial losses.

"@context":"https:\/\/","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":["@type":"Question","name":"Is Kansas City hard to drive in?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"s driving in Kansas City a challenge? Not at all. In fact, it is often considered one of the easier major US cities to drive in. The roads are busy and full of trucks, but they usually move along efficiently.","@type":"Question","name":"What is the deadliest highway in Kansas?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"The most dangerous section of highway in Kansas has been identified as Interstate 70, also known as the Kansas Turnpike.","@type":"Question","name":"How many car accidents happen in Kansas each year?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Although no one wants to get into a car accident, it's a sad reality that thousands of drivers and passengers are involved in them each year. In Kansas, from 2016 to 2020, the average number of car accidents was 60,602."]

City Car Driving simulates every kind of weather: fog, rain, ice, and snow are all accounted for. All of the road surfaces you might encounter: cobble stone, dirt, gravel, pavement, and concrete are also available. It has you drive in the county, in a city, and even in a state park. I was shocked at the number of environments it prepares young drivers for. I personally learned to drive in the snow on the way home from my first job when it snowed 2 feet in early October. I would prefer that my kids not have that butt clenching experience if it can be avoided.

There are pedestrians, aggressive drivers, rush hour traffic, accidents, and police to deal with. Roads as small as dirt trails to 8 lane freeways are required routes in the various missions. In short, it is wholly representative of real life driving.

City Car Driving is a completely different kind of driving game than a typical racing game. Focused entirely on teaching safe driving techniques, you are never going to be pushing the car to the limits of grip. As such, the force feedback is incredibly basic. It's mostly a centering force and some vibrations if you hit a curb or go onto the grass.

City Car Driving focuses on learning the rules of the road more than delivering a thrilling driving experience. On that front, it does a fairly good job. I wouldn't say it's realistic, but the amount of cars slamming on their brakes for seemingly no reason and pedestrians randomly walking out into the streets will certainly teach you to be a defensive driver.

Off to the next round! Experience a new omnibus simulator with OMSI 2 and start discovering Spandau while driving the omnibus. OMSI 2 is the successor of the well-known and awarded omnibus simulator "OMSI - The Bus Simulator".


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