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 Project: Eagle Thread

Crime Harms Reduction Team Findings

Judge Gavel

 To bestow upon young people the Freedom and Courage to look ahead for better future

 Legal Support and Youth Justice

  1. To reduce the population of young people affected negatively by court remand decisions through networking with Criminal Justice system, the Youth Offending Institutions, the Secure Training Centres and the Social Services

  2. To support young people affected by court remands through provision for alternative accommodation which guarantees protection of their liberty

Social Integration and behaviour management

Coaching and Mentoring

  1. To support young people with provision for social integration and behaviour management, coaching with mentoring to enable them desist from crime

  2. To assist these young people with prospects for court appeal in order to effect changes in their circumstances, so that their court trial is not poorly managed during their transition period from childhood to adult

Business Meeting
Courthouse Steps

 Positive changes outcomes

Access to education, training, skills development employment and economic opportunities

  1. Given the damaging impact of custody, to provide them with the thinking and social skills that will bestow freedom and courage require in their circumstances so they can look ahead for positive changes outcomes

  2. To provide young offenders trapped in contact with criminal gangs safety nets by re-housing them in a new geographical area, relocating them in order to rebuild their life with access to education, training, skills development employment and economic opportunities

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